Wisconsin Winter Recreation

Things to do in Wisconsin in the Winter

Northern Wisconsin vacation property is definitely 4 season vacation property.  There is just as much fun to be had in the winter as there is in the summer in the North Woods.  The North Woods are probably one of the most popular destinations when it comes to snowmobiling.  Imagine heading out on a sunny winter day with thousands of acres of public trails to explore with family and friends. These same scenic trails are also perfect for cross country skiing and snow shoeing as well.

People in the North Woods can get pretty creative when it comes to their winter recreation.  You’ll always find new things going on.  In Athelstane, Thornton’s Resort just held its first ever Human Bowling tournament.  Imagine gigantic bowling pins set on a hill as people on sleds compete to knock over the most pins.

Ice fishing is also popular in this area as well as the more typical favorites like ice skating and regular sledding. One thing is certain, with the beautiful white woods and snow covered scenery, you will not want to let a sunny winter day go to waste.