Land Surveying

Country land surveys are often done in densely wooded areas.  Many property owners shop around when getting a survey done on their land because prices can vary.  Surveys are done by a licensed land surveyor but many times the cheapest price for a survey isn’t always the best way to go.  There are a couple basic questions you should ask when getting a survey of your property done:

How are the property lines going to be marked?  Typically the surveyor will survey your lot, put the corners in and mark the corners by the easiest method they can find.  The easiest method often does not include brushing or marking the property lines.  For example, a surveyor may give you a map where you can easily find the front corners along the road.  If it is a larger parcel of land you may not even be able to find the back corners.  Even if you are able to locate the corners, how do you get a straight line from corner to corner if the surveyor has not marked the lines?  So as you can see, it is in your best interest to ask the surveyor how he is going to mark the property lines.  Find out if the lines are going to be brushed, ribboned, or if the surveyor just going to set the corners.  Don’t assume you will be able to identify your property lines after a survey is done.

Are the corners of the land going to be labeled?  Find out if the surveyor plans to put a pipe in the ground.  If you walk up to the pipe, how are you going to know where the pipe is?  Will there be a path next to it labeled?  Is there going to be a more permanent marking such as a labeled steel fence post?  Don’t assume you will be able to find your property corners after a survey is done.

All of the lots for sale at are surveyed and property lines are well marked to make the propety buying process as smooth and headache free as possible.  No matter where you buy property, be sure that this service is done and done correctly.