Driveways and Buying Property

Many buyers do not think to ask what kind of a driveway they can put in before purchasing land. Here are some quick driveway tips which might help you when purchasing land. The steps you will need to take may vary depending on where you intend to place your driveway.

1) If the land fronts on a town road you will need to obtain a permit from the township in which the land is located.
2) If the lot fronts on a county road you will need to get a permit from the county, which may take a month just to get the permit.
3) If the land fronts on a state highway it may take several months to get the permit so be sure to a lot for the extra time this type of permit might take.

All three types of permits typically have a fee involved.  Many times a culvert is required to prevent the driveway from backing up water flow in the ditch along the road.  An official from the township, county or state will need to go to the site to tell you what size of a culvert you need in the ditch.  If a very large culvert is required it can be costly. In some cases, you will not be granted a driveway permit because the vision corridor isn’t large enough.  This typically happens because of a hill or a curve.  A driveway could end up costing you hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars.  Before you purchase property, it is a good idea to check into this so you can save yourself unneeded trouble.  Most of our lots for sale at already have a driveway installed.  We hope you found these tips helpful.