Crivitz Realty

Crivitz RealtyHaving just arrived home again after a trip to the Crivitz and North Woods area we are rejuvenated and our internal clocks are now ticking at a more relaxed pace.  It is hard to adequately paint a picture of the effect this area has on our hearts and spirits.  Driving up from Chicago in the early evening, the beautiful landscape and amazing trees had an almost surreal glow as the sun was setting.  Though it is only a few hours drive, we felt like we had entered another world and the cares of normal life seem to quickly slip away.  At one point as we drove over to Nicolet National Forest, we watched a large black bear cross the road in front of our car. What fun to see that.

Whether it’s the lake landscapes, the lush fields, the forests or all the extra oxygen from so much green, one seems to breathe slower and deeper in the North Woods.  The extra space in the landscape seems to equate to extra space mentally to just enjoy and relax. Even the drive itself is a treat. If you’re like me, you’re happy to just take in the beauty and slow down but there is also plenty to do. Here are some fun things to do in the North Woods >>

If you’ve ever wanted a getaway of your own that is not far from the city, you may want to browse some of the available Crivitz realty for a vacation property site or find your own piece of camping land.  Right now there is beautiful waterfront property available as well.

You are welcome to visit any of the land on your own or schedule a visit by contacting us.