Perc Testing

Perc Testing

There is a common misconception with new land buyers that perc testing has something to do with a well.  We have gotten many questions from first time buyers about perc testing and wanted to help clear up the confusion.

Country lots need septic systems.   A perc test tells you the type of septic system that you can put in on your property.  It is important to know what type of system your land is suitable for.  The cost of the systems vary quite dramatically and can drastically affect the value of your property.

A perc test is done by testing the type of soil you have and where the high ground water is.  This will tell you the type of septic system you can put in.  One thing to consider before doing a perc test is that wherever you perform the test is the exact spot where the septic system will go so you need to know where your home or cottage is going to be on the lot before you do perc testing.

A perc test is done by a licensed soil tester who typically uses a back hoe in digging three holes.  The results from this test will tell you what type of septic system your property requires.  Many people hope for a conventional system which is usually considered the best because it is the most reasonably priced.  Other systems include: a system in fill, an at grade system, a mound system or a holding tank.  An additional benefit of doing doing a perc test is that often the test will tell you if your land is suitable for a basement or not and will give you an estimate of how deep in the ground you can go with your basement.  For example, if you needed a mound system, typically your system could not go in the ground more than 2 feet.  In this instance, not only is the mound system more expensive, but you would also have to factor in the cost of filling in around your home if you wanted to have a basement.  The cost of a perc test in the Crivitz, Wisconsin area where many of our properties are located is typically around $300.00.   So when you are planning your land buying budget, be sure to set aside some funds for this test.

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